Estonian Dungeons & Dragons

Newcomer’s roadmap

Why the roadmap?

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that can seem very complicated to newcomers – a game can go on for several years and with hundreds of pages of base rules. D&D is quite different from simpler one-night-games such as Catan, Archam Horror, Pandemic, Monopoly etc.

However, one should not be discouraged because we have created a roadmap with important articles relevant for newcomers to get started with the game. The more new articles are submitted to KVEST, the more we refresch this page.

If you or any of your friends are interested in D&D then sharing this page is the best way to get introduced to the game.

Introduction to the game


Races and Classes


Apart from articles, there’s also a Discord community server, where all are welcome with any level of experience or knowledge. Interested people, players and Dungeon Masters are all welcome.

You can find fellow people interested in Dungeons & Dragons, but players from different systems such as Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu are also represented. Others are also welcome.