This is the privacy policy between the customer and KVEST OÜ, hereinafter referred to as the service user and the service provider.

1. The service user gives an unambiguous consent to the service provider for the processing of his or her personal data.

2. The personal data entered by the service user and received by the service provider upon submission of the order, shall be entered into the customer registry and are used to provide the service and the goods to the service receiver.

3. Personal data is collected through the initiation of a customer relationship during the registration of an order in the online store.

4. The personal data collected consists of the Customer’s details (first-, last name, address, telephone number, year of birth, order delivery method and payment method) and the unambiguous consent of the online store user agreement.

5. Personal data is processed by KVEST OÜ.

6. The personal data necessary for the delivery of the goods to the service user shall be forwarded to the company providing the courier service.

7. Protection of personal data is guaranteed by security measures.

8. The service provider obligates to not transfer registered personal data to unauthorized persons or third parties.

9.The service provider reserves the right to disclose the data concerning the service user, if the data is processed by a person who has the legal obligatory right to do so, or in a case it protects the life, health or freedom of the service user.

10. The service user has the right to control the personal data concerning themselves, or to change or remove it from the registry.

11. The service user gives the service provider consent to send an order confirmation to the e-mail address entered upon submission of the order.

12. The service user gives the service provider consent to send sales offers to the email address entered upon submission of the order, if the service user has indicated the corresponding consent with a check mark on the submission page of the order.


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