Return policy

    1.1. The Customer can withdraw from the transaction within 14 calendar days, by submitting a withdrawal declaration to the seller in written format (physical letter or e-mail) or filling in a downloadable withdrawal form in the e-shop.
    1.2. The seller will confirm the withdrawal declaration of the buyer with an e-mail notification.
    1.3. The buyer is obliged to return the product within 14 calendar days after the submission of the withdrawal declaration. The period of withdrawal shall be calculated from the day the buyer or a third party named by the buyer, who is not the courier, is in the possession of the product. If the order consists of more than one product, the deadline for withdrawal is calculated from the arrival date of the last package to the buyer.
    1.4. In case of withdrawal, the Seller returns the funds paid to the buyer, including the delivery fee, by transferring the corresponding amount to the buyer’s bank account no later than 14 days after receiving the product or proof of return from the buyer. The seller is entitled to delay the payment until the buyer has returned the product or submitted a certificate of transfer to the post office for the return of the product. When using the right of withdrawal, the buyer will bear all the direct costs associated with the return of the product.
    1.5. In case the buyer wishes to replace, change or repair the product, the buyer must fill in the return sheet accompanying the product and the invoice. In the event of replacement or changing of the product, the buyer will bear all direct costs related to the return of the product, unless the product to be returned was not the product ordered.
    1.6. A prerequisite for the return or exchange of a product is a completely unused product, that has all the labels and other documents accompanying it, including the invoice issued to the buyer.
    1.7. The right of return does not apply for underwear and sunbathing products taken out of the original packaging for hygienic reasons.
    1.8. The buyer has the right to change the product within 14 days after it was received if the ordered product size does not fit.
    1.9 If the product returned to the seller due to non-fitting, is not replaceable due to the required size not being in stock, the seller will contact the buyer.
    2.1. The seller is responsible for the contractual terms of the goods sold to the buyer and of the non-compliance or deficiency that was already in place at the moment of delivery of the item and which occurs within two years from the delivery to the buyer. If the deficiency occurs during the first six months from the delivery of the item to the buyer, it is assumed that it was already present at the time of delivery. The rejection of this assumption is the obligation of the seller.
    2.2. In case of discrepancies in product or defects, the buyer must inform the seller immediately, but not later than 2 months after becoming aware of respective discrepancies or defects, by sending the respective information to the e-mail address or in writing to KVEST OÜ at Tulbi 4-1, Tallinn, 10612.
    2.3. In case of a defective or inadequate product the buyer has the right to demand the seller to fulfill the obligation, to withdraw from the contract, demand a refund or a reduction of price.
    2.4. In case of product non-compliance or defects, the buyer has the right to request product repair, replacement with a compliant and defectless product, or return of product at the expense of the seller.
    The buyer has the right to demand price reduction of the product or the termination of the contract and the recovery of the funds paid for the product if:
    •The seller can not repair or replace the product, or
    •product repair or replacement fails or
    •the seller has not eliminated the defects of the product within a reasonable time, or
    •unreasonable inconvenience are caused to the customer.
    2.5. In case of the return of a non-complying product, the buyer will be reimbursed to the bank account indicated within 14 days. The seller is entitled to delay the payment until the buyer has returned the product or has provided a certificate of returning the product to the post office.
    2.6. During the first six months from the purchase of the product, the seller will bear the costs of repairing the product or replacing the product; in particular the costs of transport, mail, labour and material. In the next 1.5 years, the corresponding costs will be borne by the seller only if the claim is justified. The seller is not liable for and will not reimburse the buyer for product non-compliance or defects if:
    2.6.1. The product has deteriorated / damaged at the fault of the buyer;
    2.6.2. The defects are due to abnormal use of the product, e.g. not following the maintenance instructions;
    2.6.3. The product has deteriorated due to normal wear associated with normal use.
    2.6.4. Buyer’s proof of purchase is missing.
    2.7. In case of a disagreement between the buyer and the seller regarding non-compliances or defects in the product, the buyer has the right to address their claims to the seller, indicating their name and contact details, the date of filing the complaint, the non-compliance or defect of a product mentioned in the complaint filed and the buyer’s preferred solution. This must be done in reproducible form or in writing (e-mail). The seller replies to the Client’s complaint in a reproducible form or in writing (e-mail) within 15 days. If the buyer has any complaints about the online store, they must be sent by e-mail to
    2.8. Any disagreements between buyer and the seller will be solved through negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, the buyer may seek protection for their rights from the Consumer Claims Commission via the Consumer Protection Board. Any disputes will be settled according to the laws of the Republic of Estonia. The buyer’s complaint to the Commission is free of charge.
    2.9. If the parties disagree with the decision of the Consumer Protection Board, they have the right to turn to the court in the location of the seller.
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