DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game


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Almost every gamer is familiar with the video game called Dark Souls. Even if not experienced it themselves, then at least heard about the game’s dark and ruthless themes. Now, the time has come to gather your friends, take a seat at the table and experience the world and events this official Dark Souls tabletop RPG.

The hardcover book contains everything that is needed to embark on a dark journey. The Dark Souls ttrpg game system is built on the rules of D&D 5th Edition. Found on the pages of this book are 10 new character classes with unique powers and backgrounds, a whole new magic system and monster catalogue filled with dangerous creatures.

The Ruins of Lothric are waiting for lost adventurers. This adventure intertwines the 5th Edition system to Dark Soul’s ruthless mechanics and elements. The outcome is a unique and very different game experience. Every creature the players encounter are a real danger. Characters’ deaths are not only probable but a part of the game system.

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