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Collection created for younger gamers. It contains four books to introduce the world of D&D through simplified rules and systems. Dungeons & Dragons can be quite difficult to get acquainted to. This collection explains the game through simpler guidelines and focuses on storytelling. Understanding the overly complicated rules is secondary at the beginning.

The collection includes these books:

Monsters & Creatures – introduces monsters and creatures who live in the mystical places of the world.

Warriors & Weapons – an overview of races and melee classes. The book guides the players to create their characters while keeping the more important things in mind and not getting lost in the sea of rules.

Wizards & Spells – magical classes and spells. Everything you need to know to create mystical heroes. The spells are explained through understandable descriptions and guidelines that help to use them. In addition there are magical weapons and tools in the book that can be found while adventuring.

Dungeons & Tombs – on these pages six example catacombs can be found with situations where the heroes find themselves in dangerous situations. This book also expands on the Monsters & Creatures selection with creatures that can be found in caves. All the creatures are made more exciting by adding descriptions, visually pretty illustrations and backgrounds. The book also gives pointers on creating own caves and catacombs by getting the reader to focus on the most important elements and topics of location creation.

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