Who are we

KVEST is a tabletop community, idea of which was born in 2019 in the minds of three experienced gamers. Having been interested in games, digital or otherwise, for years (decades) we figured that tabletop gaming is lacking in Estonia.

Since Dungeons & Dragons world is wast but mainly in English and scattered all over the internet, we decided to create a brand that focuses all this info into one place. Of course, D&D is just a small piece of the whole board/tabletop gaming world and our wish is to bring people closer to different systems and games through KVEST.

On KVEST’s page you can read instructions, articles, opinions, buy D&D themed products and experiences in Estonian. Our aim is to introduce this world to wider board gaming public and to offer new gaming experience to all.

If you have any proposals or thoughts you wish to share with us then contact us!